I keep seeing stars……..

Weight loss stars, that is.

For each five pounds you lose at Weight Watchers you receive a little star sticker to celebrate.  I earned my second one today, folks!  Woo hoo!

I had to do a drop-in this week because, as is my luck when I commit to something, a monkey wrench was thrown into my plans.  Jim, my husband, works the night shift at a steel plant in Cleveland Heights and drives a beater car to work.  Well, the beater took a dump and I am now grounded every evening, stranded at home with no vehicle until he gets a day off to work on his car.  Thursday came and went with me missing my weekly meeting.  I have to admit, I was bummed.  Who’d have thought I’d ever say that?

Speaking of missed meetings, I feel like I can’t go to another meeting if I miss Thursday, like I’m cheating on my weight loss peeps.  How goofy is that?  Thursdays have become my day.  I don’t want to go on another day, I think, because I feel like I belong to that group.  It looks like I’ll be missing this Thursday for the same reason again and I’m sad about that.  Even though I do come to a drop-in just so I can get my “official” weight loss number, it isn’t the same.  I feel all warm and fuzzy and motivated after my meeting.  A drop-in makes me feel good for about as long as it takes me to walk from the scale to my truck.  Not the same.

Onward and upward……..

The Virtual Bike Adventure is back on!

My computer mileage thingie keeps dying on me.  I’m not sure why but I’m working on it.  I’ve had to keep track of my miles the old fashioned way by adding them together on paper.  I must say it’s not as much fun the old fashioned way, but I’m collecting miles like a crazy woman–well, an overweight, out of shape crazy woman, but let’s not get technical.  I’ve accumulated 14 miles since I last posted.  I’ve made it to my first virtual stop.  Pictures will be coming soon!

In the meantime, I am going to share the picture of the Mini Mama with you.  I drew her so my virtual visits will have some sort of representation of me to schlep around with them.  Keep your eyes peeled because this chic is going places!

plus size mama


About Miranda Gargasz

Miranda Gargasz is a freelance writer. Many of her essays can be found on sites like ScaryMommy, The Christian Science Monitor and The Huffington Post. In 2014, she published Lemonade and Holy Stuff and in 2016 she published Plus Size Mama: An overweight mom gets real about weight loss. She is also a contributor to Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee, and Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever. Her debut novel, Haunting Suspicion, is being sent to agents for representation. She is currently working on her second novel, Dragonfly, about learning to love what you have before it's gone.
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4 Responses to I keep seeing stars……..

  1. Congrats on your second star, Sista! I’m so happy that you feel like you belong to the Thursday group! You are awesome–truly! I love the way you’re embracing the challenge and I TOTALLY LOVE the drawing! The power of visualization is amazing. Remember that and do more sketches. Brilliant.

    Sara and I have finally moved into our long-term rental here in Ecuador, and furniture arrived over the weekend. Now we have some place to sit. Maybe that means I’ll be able to write again.

    We miss you, sweetie! Onward and DOWNWARD!


    • Downward is right! If only I could go downward faster, but, at least slow is healthier, right? I keep telling myself that each time I step on that scale and the weight loss isn’t what I expected it to be. SO happy to hear from you! I’ve missed my new-to-Ecuador friends!

  2. ree says:

    Hey! Your Thursday night peeps miss you too!! We’re saving a seat for you!!

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