Motivation Station: All Aboard!

Once upon a time, I was a teacher.  I taught 28 awesome little first graders how to read and write and add and subtract.  Then, enrollment went down.  My contract was not renewed and I spent the remaining three years of my teaching license subbing and interviewing.  The evil witch Unemployment gobbled me up.  The End.

Not really.

I morphed into a stay-at-home mom who gets paid to write on rare occasions.

Like most moms, my kids became the center of my universe.  My life was swallowed up by karate and school schedules, doctor visits and orthodontist appointments.  When I decided to take the plunge and join Weight Watchers for the third time (the first two times I went it alone, joining and maintaining on the internet) and started going to meetings, I thought I should include my kids in my journey.  Let’s face it.  We all have no problem letting ourselves down, but the kids?  Not on your life.

I decided to give myself until my first goal was reached to create a way to include my sons.  Well, the first goal I reached was six solid weeks of dedicated exercise time.  I received a little WW man for the elusive key chain I have yet to earn.  What was I going to do with that little man?

I devised a plan.  For each five pounds I lose, each of my kids gets to pick a charm out and add it to a bracelet I made.  Little WW Man resides there.


For the poundage I’ve lost so far, Jimmy picked out antique bronze birds because I like to watch them (especially hummingbirds).  Tony picked out a shiny anchor and rope, because his dad used to be in the Navy.

I wear it on my wrist and the jingle jangle of those charms drives me crazy but also serves as a reminder.  I’ve got people rooting for me every time I reach for something to eat or drink and they want me to make the right choices.

My last meeting found me up 1.2 pounds.  I’m not going to let that get me down though because I have to own up to the bad choices I made over July 4th.  In truth, I thought it would be worse.  I credit the exercise bike and my motivational bracelet for the small amount that I gained.  Without them, I’m sure the gain would have been more.

On the good plus side, I fit into a pair of pants that at Christmas time was a definite no-go.  Not only did I get them on, but I wore them comfortably all day without feeling like I was being cut in half.

Go, me!





About Miranda Gargasz

Miranda Gargasz is a freelance writer. Many of her essays can be found on sites like ScaryMommy, The Christian Science Monitor and The Huffington Post. In 2014, she published Lemonade and Holy Stuff and in 2016 she published Plus Size Mama: An overweight mom gets real about weight loss. She is also a contributor to Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee, and Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever. Her debut novel, Haunting Suspicion, is being sent to agents for representation. She is currently working on her second novel, Dragonfly, about learning to love what you have before it's gone.
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4 Responses to Motivation Station: All Aboard!

  1. Go you! The bracelet is a great idea!

  2. Beth Ann says:

    I love the bracelet idea and it is my favorite color!!!! Good for you!!! Go go go!!

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