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May 10th is just around the corner!

I can’t believe that May 10th is just over a month away! In some ways it feels like I’ve been working on Plus Size Mama forever, and in others it feels like everything is moving too quickly. Regardless, I’m excited … Continue reading

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Why The Meetings Matter

Confession time. I almost quit Weight Watchers. Today. Last week, I had vertigo. Because I’m crazy or stupid, or some dangerous combination of both, I got myself ready for my meeting. I had an awesome corn and bean salsa I … Continue reading

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The fog is clearing….

Let’s face it.  I’ve been in a funk rolled in desperation and frustration, then deep fried in depression. So much has been going on in my life the last few weeks (and if I’m honest, things have been off for … Continue reading

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Talking about talk: Let’s get positive!

I’ve been away awhile.  Wrestling, the holidays, my youngest son’s birthday and family issues swallowed me whole.  I haven’t even seen my best friend who lives five minutes away in so long that I don’t remember when we hung out … Continue reading

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That hideous time of year

No.  I’m not a grinch. I like Thanksgiving–sometimes too much.  I like Christmas (not so much the stress that comes with it).  It’s the time of year that sucks for me.  If I lived in Cuenca with my friends Kathy … Continue reading

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The promise of okay

So far this week has been…..fair.  My weight loss goals have still fallen by the wayside, but my mind is starting to get the hint. Last week I was so depressed and so defeated feeling that just dragging my butt … Continue reading

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An abusive relationship—with food

Think of the worst possible thing that your family could suffer.  Now back that fear off by about 10%.  That’s the stress and fear my family has been living under for the past three weeks or so. What happened to … Continue reading

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