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The book trailer is here!

Check out the book trailer for Plus Size Mama, out tomorrow, May 10th!     Advertisements

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PCOS and Carbs: a match that’s not so heavenly

PCOS and carbs. Frenemies to the end. There is nothing a person with PCOS loves more than a good carb-filled meal. Her body, however, doesn’t. Those carbs slide down her gullet and her body goes into full-out panic mode and … Continue reading

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A Few Things I’ve Learned About Calories

Since Weight Watchers, as awesome as that program is, failed to do the trick and help me lose weight, and simply cutting carbs failed miserably, my endocrinologist came up with another plan. I am currently taking Qsymia and a 1200 … Continue reading

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If I only had a penis

From my other blog http://www.mirandagargasz.wordpress.com   It’s true.  Anyone who knows me would say that I hate being female.  Granted, I am a tomboy and always have been.  It’s not the clothes I hate or the makeup.  While doing my … Continue reading

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The honesty of children

It’s been a few rough weeks.  Storm damage and power outages.  Mother Nature is not showing me the love and I’ve been very blue. I’ve been struggling with diet and exercise and unable to lose pounds because I’m battling health … Continue reading

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The fog is clearing….

Let’s face it.  I’ve been in a funk rolled in desperation and frustration, then deep fried in depression. So much has been going on in my life the last few weeks (and if I’m honest, things have been off for … Continue reading

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It’s been an odd time for me lately.  I’ve had some health issues going on related to the PCOS that I have.  Most of it dealing with pain that is constant and not finding much in the way of relief. … Continue reading

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